Beachcombing Santorini, Greece, May 2016

I am in love with Greece. I think I should live in Greece. I took a quiz on the internet to proof that I indeed have to live in Greece.


To be honest: I had to take four different quizzes before one proofed me right. The other quizzes recommended Thailand, Tanzania and Italy.

In 2013, I was in Greece for the first time. It was one year after I collected my first pieces of beachtrash in Spain and I hadn’t touched those pieces since than. But in Greece, it was on! The beaches were full of treasures and I really got captured by the beachtrash-virus.


In May of this year, I went to Santorini with a good friend. During this picture-blog I recommend you to listen to this gorgeous Greek singer.

This is Santorini:

DSC00190 (683x1024)

Of course, we did a little beachcombing:

DSC00236 (1024x683)

…not yet here…


…not yet here…

IMG_4426 (1)

…and not yet here either.


Here we are!

DSC00217   DSC00231


The Greek were not really subtle in their trash. Jerrycans and beer crates all over the place! Their primary colours matched the blue of the sea, but it was not really a gain for the landscape.


Little game: count the plastic bottles. All those plastic bottles will end up in little microplastics that will enter our brain via our food. It’s true: Prof Vethaak about microplastics (don’t get distracted by the name Vethaak (Fathook in English :-)). Next time you’re acting weird, insult someone or make a mistake at work, just say: ‘I’m sorry, according to professor Fathook, the microplastics have affected my brain’. Nobody will argue.

DSC00222 (1024x683)


Happily, we found some small pieces of beachtrash as well that soon will blend in my current collection.

IMG_5238  IMG_5239 (2)

Two beachtrash-pieces that deserve the spotlight. Crushed and weathered stuff, as seen on the left, is my favorite. On the right is a beachtrash-piece that is art in itself: a mechanical mouse that’s running on its wheel-legs.

DSC00230 (1024x683)

I always, literally always, forget to take a plastic bag with me to put the trash in. So I always end up with filling my pockets and shawls with trash….


The roadsides were so messy. People just throw their trash out of the car or dump their garbage without feeling guilty for the rest of their lives. I’ve see this in the Netherlands as well and it amazes me. I mean, I’m the kind of girl that almost plunges herself into a ravine to chase a plastic bag that’s flown away and I get stomach pain when I’ve thrown a plastic non-reusable beer cup on the ground at a festival (which I have carried around with me for one hour by than, anxiously looking for garbage cans).


This refrigerator was not on the beach – otherwise I would definitely have taken it with me.

DSC00114 (1024x683)

The island of Santorini was terribly pittoresque, with the white houses and blue domes. However, the spot above was by far my favorite. I mean, picture below: boring. Picture above: I had to bring myself to a hold not to climb over the fence and start digging in this gorgeous mess.



DSC00301 (2)

I had to add this picture to this blog. These were the most badly decorated holiday apartments I ever saw. I mean, WTF: a giant bear on a green couch in white concrete surroundings with yellow birdcages on the wall? How many murders  have taken place here?? And by whom? 1. the crazy hostess that at nighttime dresses up like a clown; 2. the bear that secretly carries sharp knifes in his fur?


We visited this awesome bookstore. The owner even slept in this bookstore, how romantic! Books are, after humans, my best friends.

P1030517 (1024x768)

I find this a very funny and filmish picture. My friend said: this is how people look after 20 years of marriage hahaha. The man is the hotelowner who took us, and the other guests, on a trip to a great fish-restaurant. The other guests were all above the 50, but we had a great time. There was that couple that had traveled by motorcycle to music festivals in Europe and a very kind retired consultant from Canada who wanted to travel to Greece after he’d seen Mamma Mia. Next time I want to have fun, I’ll join a boattrip for retired people (where frauds try to sell you mattresses and stuff) .

P1030615 (2)

All in all, we had a great stay. I did not collect supermuch plastic, but enough to get challenged by new shapes. To finish we have a few advises for the Greek government to combat the crisis, because we really really wish them the best: 1. raise the entrance fees for the ruins and the the bus-fare at Santorini; 2. cut down on restaurant personnel. It’s not necessary having two men lure you in, one man to take the order, one man to bring the food, another man to bring free drinks and say you’re gorgeous and yet another person to bring you the bill.


Freedom <3!


Auteur: Elza

I find stuff on the beach and I make stuff of it. This project I have called TrashWorks. I combine these beautiful plastic soup materials with images from vintage magazines. I photograph everything I make and than destroy the image to use all the materials again, so it's sort of a twice-recycling-method. I really enjoy it and I'm very much in love with all my pieces of trash.

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